, 2:36 AM.

lake lanier

the last weekend of break, ivan and i drove up to lake lanier which was absolutely amazing. i even got to drive the mini around the neighbourhood! i'll let the photos do the talking which are, just so you know, unedited. how gorgeous please?

in such stark difference to the city.

, 5:39 PM.

brrr, it's cold in here

i believe the torrential downpour (okay, i exaggerate) last wednesday marked the official onset of winter because.. IT'S SNOWING!

which is both exciting and depressing since i'm cooped up in my room desperately trying (yes, trying) to work on my paper. the inherent paradox of utopia. whee, how exciting.

and it's also officially six months into my relationship. take that, you long-distance pessimists.

, 4:11 PM.


, 6:03 PM.


the prelude to finals: papers, quizzes and what not - driving me up the wall. my mind's in a whirl trying to deal with the dilemma between academia and the nychic magazine launch/rick burns screening (both of which just so happen to fall on the same day, at the same time as well - great)/christmas tree lightings all over the city/free concerts, all while figuring out spring to-dos. i wish i was more organized.

p.s. the boyfriend will be here in less than a month. replaying the running-into-his-arms scene at the airport in my mind on repeat. if only there'd be someone to capture it in print. volunteers?

p.p.s. the food stash i have from kimmel could feed an entire italian family. it's not even funny.

, 6:12 PM.

it's a marshmallow world

, 10:51 PM.

the next load

foundations of financial markets / economics of global business / marketing research / consumer behavior / intro to special effects make-up (eggcites!)

, 3:56 PM.

the deadliest sin

the longest, laziest weekend thanks to the justified sleep-in on friday morning and benjamin franklin's ingenious conception (of daylight savings, that is). to the point where i couldn't even bear to drag myself out of bed to the moma art book fair or the jewelry store opening. seriously, cat?

, 6:30 PM.

trick or treat

, 9:42 PM.

hell's kitchen

, 5:17 PM.

the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

just got back from an fba event with ken fleishman and it was ah-mahhhh-zing. ken was a buyer at saks for the longest time and now heads the sales team at dkny. listening to him talk about his experiences and just about the industry in general was really exciting - meeting the likes of christian lacriox and diane von furstenberg, deciding what goes on the shelves in stores, travelling the world for fashion week, predicting trends.. wait, they pay you to do that? it probably sounds more glamorous than it actually is, but no doubt i'd rather be working my ass off doing something i actually enjoy and am passionate about.

i used to be one of those kids who never really had any real, concrete ambitions. if i ever appeared like i did, it was only because i succumbed to the archetypal mould fashioned by society and for a fleeting moment lived amidst the deception - singapore kills you that way. fortunately though, i think i'm actually starting to see the pieces come together now. slowly, but surely.

, 11:19 PM.


decided to pop by nordstrom rack after class today and got this pair of michael kors at such a bargain. yay!
, 5:38 PM.

dear nut, shihui & backside

new york has been awesome thus far. much to my parents' disappointment though, i never did experience home-sickness in any form - except for the occasional mee pok or laksa craving, all's good! will be heading to boston for the weekend and i would be more excited than i am right now if not for the mood dampeners that are texts & ideas midterms + stats finals next week. as usual the stress kills the weighing scale, and depletes the resources which could have otherwise been spent on more tangible and gratifying thingamajigs. like rings. and coats. and bags. and shoes. not to say that i'm entirely deprived. but yes. you get the point. hope everyone back home is doing good! e-mail me; update, gossip, catch up, keep in touch. whatever your little heart desires.

, 10:17 PM.

i need cookieboy for my 21st

, 2:41 PM.

natural beauty

, 12:03 PM.

college student living in new york city by way of singapore

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